Wednesday, February 9

damn these hormones

i can't sleep. obviously i'm bored if i decided to check out my own long-lost blog in curiosity of when the last time i posted was. almost 15 months ago - wow. what's happened since then? a whole host of things but i'll sum it up: bought house, moved across country, husband got new job, daughter turned 2 and started preschool, and baby #2 is on the way. and in that order, actually.

i'm not capable of clever right now. maybe i'm not capable of clever anymore at all. thank goodness for facebook - it's like i can blog but in one-sentance increments. which is good because my brain capacity has shrunk significantly since i birthed a child.

so there. that's it. i'm going to put some belly butter on my stomach and try and get some sleep.

Thursday, November 19

from 12 wks old... to 12 months old!

clearly time flies when you're having fun. and it also flies when you're busy raising a child!
the past year has been filled with indescribable emotions and joy, as any mother can attest too. it's something you can't even begin to understand until you're in it. i love being a mom. i am truly amazed each and every day, watching my little girl explore the world around her and how much she learns and grows. and i love how much she entertains me!

Wednesday, January 28

12 weeks old

my munchkin is now 12 weeks old! i absolutely cannot believe it. the first 6ish weeks were rough. pretty darn rough. but i think i was blessed with an absolute angel of a little girl. we turned a corner at about 8 weeks: she sleeps a ton, we're on a pretty predictable schedule already, and she has a very sweet disposition. *knocking on wood*

here she is!


Monday, November 10

i'm a mom

i'm finding it extremely difficult to update facebook, my pregnancy message board, and the blog. thus the blog has fallen to the wayside.

but i'm a mom, and it's the best feeling in the world. well, some of the feelings aren't so good, like the bleeding nipples, the sore nether-regions, etc. but i am 100% in love with this little girl, and i am cherishing every single moment i spend with her.


Thursday, October 23

4 years today!

today is my 4 year anniversary. despite the fact that being pregnant has caused us to miss our annual anniversary trip up to the wine country - my absolute favorite thing to do, and i can't wait to continue the tradition well into the future (post-baby) - i couldn't be in a happier place today. i'm looking forward to a lovely dinner out tonight with my husband, and i'm really looking forward to a glass of champagne!

happy anniversary timmy! love you.